I Put Uber to the Test.

Here's What I Learned

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The first thing you need to know:
If you treat Uber like a job, it will pay you like an employee.

If you treat Uber like a business, it will pay you like a BOSS.

,325 in one week. Can you beat that?

All I can say is, WHO ELSE wants the money?

The average employee works 40 hours a week.

The average small business owner works 52+ hours a week.

Here's some myths and facts about being an Uber driver:
  • Only drive on weekends - If you limit yourself to certain days, you aren't going to figure out the best times to drive. Change it up and put in the time.
  • Only drive during "surges"  - Typical advice from someone that didn't put in the time. You'll know when the best times to drive are, if you experiment a lot in your area. In some cases, this might be night driving. We're talking 3 - 4 am people!
  • Only drive during rush hour - There might be a lot of competition during rush hour, so you'll once again need to be more flexible in your approach.
  • Concerts and ball games - these are huge opportunities to rake in the dough
When I started out as an Uber driver, I wish someone had told me the ins and outs on what works.

Instead, I had to grind it out.

You can take the advice I'm laying out for you here and get out there making money right NOW.

Here's another pic with some results on a 5 hour session

Here's a few more tips to set you apart from others:
  • Clean car - Seems obvious, but many people don't keep a clean car. Get an air freshener and vaccum it up. It costs like $3!
  • Bottles of water - Offer some bottles of water to customers. Again, they're cheap, get you extra tips, and better ratings. It all adds up.
  • Phone charger in the back seat - If you have a cigarette lighter in your back seat, plug in a charging station so people can juice up. This can be HUGE for tips!

Do you need a job that pays you for working hard?

I recommend Uber

Honestly guys, give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and the learning experience is well worth it. It will teach you how to be your own boss and you'll gain valuable life skills!

Step up and apply today.

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